Hello World.

22 Aug

This is the first official blog on Style Freedom Fashion. I am letting the world know about what will be going down here very soon.

Firstly,  I am going to be blogging my favourite outfits, my new fashion buys, my favourite fashion websites and shops. But that is not it… I  also want to know about what you are wearing. So I am open to emails and tweets. Your advice and tips will be included in my next blog.

I love music and celebrity almost as much as fashion and will be definitely including those two major things in my blogs.  How? Where? and When can we dress like our favourite celebrities, especially with our extremely limited bank accounts? I know lots of you are wondering.

Well, I know all about  the best steals and will be letting you in on my secret.

Most of all, I want to turn all you ‘Plain Jane’s’ out there into fiery fashionistas, so if you want some help just stick with me and I’ll show you how. Fashion doesn’t mean being like the person next to you, or following the crowd. Fashion is about showing who you really are through the clothes you wear. First impressions really count. That is what Style Freedom Fashion is really about., allowing you PYT (Pretty Young Things), to be yourself.

Fashion is Freedom.

SFF xx