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Lady In Red

15 Feb

Lady In Red- ASOS T-Shirt Dress

Dress: ASOS

Knee High Socks: Primark

Jewellery: Topshop

Hello again!!! I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me so soon after my last post. Well here I am. I received a  bit of feedback from my last post and apparently you guys want photos. I hope you enjoy this post more than the last one!

Today I’m sharing with you my new love for heavy gold accessories and red clothing. Although I say red, I actually mean a deeper shade, for example burgundy or maroon. The dress above is actually an oversized T-shirt, I loved the colour so much, and decided that it would be fun to turn it into a dress, adding a belt to pull in your waist really shows off your figure. On top I added a vintage  blazer accentuated with gold cuffs; because the blazer is quite big it can be used a coat, which is really needed in this weather, especially. Another reason why I love blazers are the shoulder pads. I know that its a little 2009/10 but i do love the eighties and try get a little shoulder action going whenever its possible, it really makes an outfit more dramatic.

The jewellery- I don’t know if you have noticed but the gold chain isn’t actually hanging correctly, make sure you check that before you leave the house. I think chunky gold jewellery goes perfectly with maroon and burgundy. I think the colours look urban and sophisticated and again are a little eighties inspired.

Leather Trousers

Shirt: H&M

Leather Trousers: Dorothy Perkins

Heels: Missguided

This time I have added black leather trousers, to my ‘red’ shirt. I do love the leather trousers, as they make the entire outfit a little bit more rocking.  Obviously, you can use leather leggings with this as well. Leggings are lighter, however I have always found that the leather in the trousers looks more authentic. Again the same jewellery can be used here.

My favourite item has to be the heels. I call them The Beasts because they are 6″ and have a snake-skin design on the front. Although, they are slighty heavy and will get uncomfortable by the end of the night, these shoes are too gorgeous to pass up. Here is a closer look:

                                                               The Beasts

The heels are from Missguided, and are only £37.99, as soon as you put them on, you instantly feel like a diva.

Well we all know its fashion week and like most bloggers I’ve enjoyed looking at the designers newest creations.  The name that keeps popping up has to be Victoria Beckham. Whether it is really because of her clothes or because there are pictures of her husband’s semi-naked body plastered all over the place, whatever it is Victoria has to be given her props because what she has produced is truly fabulous. Beckham stuck with her smart and sexy vision, with touches of military inspiration. My favourite part of her vision is that none of it is over flashy or too eccentric but the beauty is much more demure and classy.  Other names such as Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferretti didn’t disappoint in their production of beautiful pieces.

Alexander McQueen

Victoria Beckham

Fashion is freedom.

SFF xx

Lady in Red overview


Saying goodbye to beauty

12 Feb

Whitney Houston R.I.P

Hey guys, I write to you the day I hear about the passing of a musical legend, or what I would like to a musical angel. Her voice was pure and beautiful and I grew up getting down to her tunes. I wanted to dedicate today’s blog to her because she was a true inspiration. Sometimes it not important how or when we die, but what we leave behind. Whitney Houston left behind her songs, which the rest of the world can enjoy forever. In her memory I would like to share some beautiful fashion items with you…

French Connection Navy Halter Maxi

I saw this dress, fell in love and just had to share it with you! It’s ridiculously cheap for French Connection, RRP £150. With soft makeup, little jewellery makes you look effortlessly beautiful, as well as the length making you seem inches taller. The colour is demure and striking all at the same time. By the way I’m gushing you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that I have a slight obsession with the dress.

Henry Holland Pink Floral Cropped Shirt

Anyway, I can’t live in the past and despite my best efforts of finding it on the internet the shirt is no longer out there! 😦 That is why I was so overwhelmed with excitement when I  found something as fun and vibrant in Topshop the other day.

Topshop Floral Playsuit

The colours are bolder in person, but by the design you can see how amazing it is!!

Lastly, I’m selling some items on eBay can get them cheaper if you inbox me on twitter… follow me @obbiex

Check them out:

Fashion is freedom

SFF xx